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"Signs, Symptoms & Solutions for Business Owner Burnout."

Chances are, you started your business to enjoy more freedom, flexibility and control over your life and work …Not to be a hostage working a million hours a week. Does this sound familiar?

You’re doing everything in your business, enduring chronic overwhelm and crazy-long work hours. You think you have to hustle and grind to find success. You are struggling to love your life and biz.

These stress inducing mentalities can lead straight to business owner burnout, which can then impact your physical, mental and emotional health.

The World Health Org defines BURNOUT as a serious condition caused by chronic stress that isn’t managed well. 

Having had my own burnout experience, I’d agree!

This FREE, 7 Day course was designed to help BadAss Business Owners better understand and recognize the signs, symptoms and solutions of burnout.

Over the next 7 days, you will learn more about :

1. What Entrepreneurial Burnout Is
2. Signs & Symptoms of Burnout
3. Stages of Burnout JOYFull
4. Solutions for Battling Burnout

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