Too Many Tasks Demanding Too Much Attention?

Are you a busy business owner who needs to delegate more? Do your goals for 2021 include adding support staff such as a virtual assistant, freelancers or direct hires? Are you struggling to balance your personal and professional tasks? Would you, your family and your business benefit from MORE JOY and REVENUE?

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The JOY|Money Matrix Micro – will eliminates procrastination, overwhelm, fatigue and burnout. It’s everything you never knew you needed for MORE productivity, joy, time, freedom AND MONEY!

Who is the JMM Micro for?

  • Coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs and small biz owners who are tired of the bullshift and want to run their businesses with bold, joyfull badassery
  • Coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs and small biz owners who want more time, freedom, joy and MONEY so that future shiftshows are easier to manage
  • Coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs and small biz owners who have or need staff/contracted services but don’t know how or what to delegate, dump or redesign

Seats are limited to 30 per Cohort – Add your name now to ensure you LOCK IN all the INCREDIBLE BENEFITS I’ve put together JUST FOR YOU!  SPRING COHORT LAUNCHES MARCH 24 – DEADLINE TO ENROLL IS MARCH 3!

The Shift YOU Get When you JOIN THE LIST:

  • EARLY BIRD RATES no matter when you enroll in 2021 – a savings of $500
  • A Juicy Box of JMM Tools: JMM Board, a collection of multi-colored sticky notes, handouts, books, candles, and other cool shift – valued at over $250
  • 2 Weeks of MicroContent delivered via TEXT at your convenience over 14 days – $1000 value
  • A Virtual, Instructor-Led Learning Lab – you pick your day/time – $500 value
  • 3 months FREE Access to our MASTERHIVE Community – bi-monthly opportunity to brainstorm, network and get shift done! – valued at over $250
  • Next Steps Strategy and Service Provider Referrals to help you handle the Bullshift – priceless

Y’all, this works. It’s the exact same process I used in June of 2019 to streamline my business, hire a virtual assistant and maintain my sanity throughout the last year. As I describe in this article, My SHIFT was so profound, I became a licensed facilitator (and got a new, high ticket client the NEXT day!)

If you’re a coach, consultant, entrepreneur or small biz owner who wants to unleash your own BadAssery for MORE JOY, PRODUCTIVITY and PROFITS, then JOIN THE WAITLIST to receive updates and information on upcoming cohorts.

EFF the Shiftshow. The JOYFull BadAss has your back. Free gift when you join the list!

How Does the System Work?

As one of only seven (7) licensed JMM Facilitators in the world, I have exclusive access to a productivity tool that is like no other.

It’s not a training, nor a workshop. It’s not coaching, nor a mastermind.

Instead, think of the JMM +Productivity as a guided strategy and consulting experience focused on helping YOU design processes, procedures, training and initiatives based on JOY and Profitability.

You will discover what brings you immense joy so you can…..

  1. Get clarity on your business and revenue growth plan. You will use this information as a filter for every single decision you make moving forward. This means no more bouncing around from idea to idea and offer to offer.
  2. Determine the best way for you to share your ideas with the world, so you can create content and courses that position you as a JOYFull Badass. This means no more hiding – it’s time to share your brilliance with the world.
  3. Discover how to use this strategic tool that combines your spirit and heart with your brain and entrepreneurial drive, so you can make business and life decisions that are completely aligned with how you want to be spending your time. This means both financial and time freedom!

I’m inviting you to choose joy AND money. It’s time.